What can rv solar panels run? More than you think

A lot of people want to know what kind of items you can run on an RV solar system. That is because solar systems are kind of foreign to the average user, in fact many people have never operated or been somewhere that they had to be responsible for the amount of power that they used. When you are running items on an RV solar system you are very in tune with how much power your batteries can hold and your solar panels can produce. This is a very different situation than being able to get limitless amounts of power from the power grid. However there are some real benefits of unplugging and going off-grid, for example, you can still run many of the items that you would like to wow having better views and fewer telephone poles to look at oh, my pet peeve. When you are trying to calculate the total load of items that you want to run it is important to know how long the item will run for and how many amps or Watts the item uses also it is important to know what voltage it will operate at. For example, an inverter would produce 120 volts for you to operate household loads, but these inverter loads will use more power from the no-load draw and also the inefficiency of power conversion. A 12-volt direct current load will always be more efficient because it does not have any no-load draws. Items like your water pump, fan, LED light, and 12-volt outlet all operate directly off your battery in your RV for the most part. Items like coffee pots microwaves and air conditioners operate at 120 volts. These may or may not be reasonable to power went off-grid on an inverter system.

Common items run in an RV on solar

CPAP with heated hose by Philips Respironics

CPAP Machine

Sample CPAP Machines Issues with Running CPAP machines on solar Alternative ways to power CPAP 0 0 vote Article Rating
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Electric Smoker

Smokers now often require electricity for fans and computers to create that perfect BBQ. 0 0 vote Article Rating
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Electric Air Fryer

These devices are all the rage in homes and are making their way into RVs. Find out more information on their specifications.
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Induction Cooktop

Many RVers have switched to induction cooktops because they are easy and more precise than hot plates. See what you need to get started.
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Many RVs have switched over to running residential refrigerators. Learn what it takes to get one running using a solar system.
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Hair Dryer

Hair dryers pull a lot of power, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them. Get the details here.
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Curling Iron

The heating element in curling irons draw a lot of power, but it can be done if you need it. Find out the details here.
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Here are the components you need to build an RV solar system

Every solar system is built using the same basic components. From batteries to panels each piece has a place and a function in the system. The basic solar charging portion will work to keep the house batteries charges using only the power of the sun. The charged batteries can then be used to operate lights, water pumps, refrigerators and more. Below you will find a group of items that we find in RVs when the owner is boondocking. Each has its own electrical specifications and operational times. These will impact runtime and solar system design.

Solar wire

The wires on your solar panels are like the water pip[es in your home, but instead of carrying water, they carry the electricity you need…
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Front of power inverter being turned on in an RV

Power Inverter

Power inverters are devices that allow a user to run 120-volt appliances from their 12-volt battery banks. These units come in a variety of models…
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Inverter install kit

Inverter install kit

To install a power inverter, cables and a fuse should be used. The cable should match the wire size required by the load from the…
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