My RV is pre-wired for solar, how do I add the solar panels?

Many RVs today come pre-wired for solar, but what does this mean? the overall program for pre-wiring an RV with the equipment to add solar panels came from the need to create an easy path for the wire to run all the way to the battery during construction. A proper cable entry plate type like that found from Go Power ( ) allows the wire to penetrate the roof and be passed down through cabinets all the way to the battery without the need of a during wiring post sale on the RV. This innovative process allowed individuals to quickly add panels to two existing units while minimizing the amount of effort required for wiring. Although this was an innovation there was a lot to be desired when it came to how each individual company was implementing a pre-wired solution.

We have seen several different methods of what is called pre-wiring for solar. The best method would use a cable entry plate and a wire that is run all the way to the battery and is already fused and the location of the charge controller already chosen.

This prewired for solar RV included the installed charge controller but it did not have any solar panels installed from the factory.

In some of the newer instances that use this form of wiring, the charge controller is already present the only piece that needs to be added is the solar panels themselves. This allowed most of the work for the installation of the solar to be done ahead of time at the factory while most of the expenses, the panels are left to the individual RV owner to add if they so choose. now we have seen other ways of implementing the pre-wire including some companies just having a cable sticking through the roof in a lap sealant glob. This is not ideal as it can cause problems long-term but was a cheaper solution and the company was able to call it pre-wired for solar. No matter what kind of solution you have, you will have to live within the constraints of what was provided to you. In this article, we hope to look at the problem issues and solutions for installing solar after you purchase a pre-wired unit.

Get started adding panels to a prewired for solar RV. Does your RV already have an included charge controller?
Prewired for Solar On The Side focuses on portable solar.
An example of a Zamp Solar Ready prewire label on a travel trailer.

Adding other components to you prewired setup

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