Bread Maker

Make bread on your RV Solar System

Who doesn’t love fresh bread when out on the road? It really brings in the warm feelings of home. Running a bread maker off-grid requires power for some time. Calculating the amp hours needed to make bread is essential to not having an uncooked loaf. There are a lot of really good breadkmakers on the market from Cuisinart, Hamilton Beach and Oster

Automatic Bread Makers

There are lots of models of bread machines on the market. They all have different features, some of which are better suited for RV users. The features that I think are important for RVers are:

  • Non-Stick Coating on the Bread Maker Pan – This allows for easy removal of the loaf and easy cleanup of the pan. RV sinks are not the best place to clean stuck-on flour.
  • Adjustable loaf size – Being able to make the size loaf you need for your group or power schedule is key to keep from wasting ingredients or power.
  • Delayed start – This feature is great to have the bread maker start at a certain time. Very handy if the bread maker makes a lot of noise.
  • Automatic Shut-Off – This feature is key since the bread maker will turn itself off when the bread is completed. Check your model for proper operation.

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Suggested RV solar system to run a bread maker Off-grid

Are you creating a system in your RV to power items like breadmakers off-grid? If so you need to consider your battery bank and power inverter because even with 500 to 700 watts of an electrical draw, it will need a pretty decent size battery bank (400Ah or more) and a 2000 watt power inverter or inverter/charger.

A breadmaker rated at 650 Watts for 1 hour will drain an estimated 100 Ah from an AGM battery and about 60 Amp-hours from a lithium battery bank.

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