Dicor Lapsealant for RV Solar installations

You will need to use some sort of sealant when installing your solar panels onto your RV. Dicor is one of the more popular brands for Self-Leveling Lap Sealant. Each point where you penetrate the roof will need to be properly sealed to keep your installation watertight. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when mounting the panels to your RV roof.

Many people take the time when installing the new solar panels on their RV roof to check and refresh all the sealant areas on their RV roof. Ever wonder why many RVs don’t last forever. It is from a lack of maintenance on the roof and other areas. Water is not your friend on RV roofs. They require maintenance, so check out this Dicor video for a sealant check-up.

A selection of Dicor Self Leveling tubes of lap sealant.

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