Interview with Jack Tinsley on his Solar Camper Van Build – Part 1

The first part of an interview with Jack Tinsley discussing his project to build a DIY camper van on a Promaster van. Jack has designed and built the cabinets, bed, solar and power inverter system.

Today, I was lucky enough to be joined by a customer of mine from several years ago a guy by the name of Jack Tinsley. Jack came up with the idea to build his camper van out of a Dodge ProMaster about 3 years ago. Now, this doesn’t include the time that Jack’s been making plans on how to build the van, it just includes the time when the Vans were large enough for him to accomplish the goals that he wanted. listening as Jack and I discuss traveling across the country boondocking and even camping off-grid with RV solar.

An interview with Jack Tinsley for regarding the campervan that Jack built for traveling and boondocking.

Efficient Engel Refrigerators discussed:

Solar panels Jack used for his Promaster Van:

Newer Version of inverter Jack installed in his van:

Lithium Batteries Jack is looking to install in Van:

New Bluetooth Lithium Controller Jack is considering for an upgrade:

Induction cooktops:

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