Class A Motorhome

Class A Motorhome

Class A Motorhome

Class A RVs are some of the largest RVs on the road they can grow up to 50 feet in length. They’ll have tons of slides lots of power options and several air conditioners. Now that doesn’t mean that all of the classes are that big it just means that they can be. 

Class A RV Gallery

These driver units often start at over $100,000 and can go well over a million. They come in a variety of ranges of equipment and customizations. You can even get the high-end buses from Prevost to compliment even the largest budget. The main platform for powering these RVs is either a diesel pusher or a gasoline engine platform chassis. you can often tell the difference between a gasoline and a diesel pusher with the location of the RV door. Diesel pushers often have the RV door near the passenger side of the front seat. Whereas the gasoline RVs motorhome often has the door closer to the center on the passenger side. The pricing difference between diesel to gas motorhomes can be significant. A Winnebago Class A Gasoline unit starts at about $122,619 while their entry-level diesel starts at $264,458.

Common Brands

Common brands of Class A motorhomes are Winnebago, Tiffin and Country Coach. These are a few of the manufacturers of great motorhomes, we will add a more exhaustive list of brands below.

Off-grid Camp-Ability

Class A motorhomes are great for off-grid camping because of the self-contained water and also a large area to put solar and onboard house batteries. learn more about adding or ordering a residential refrigerator to your class a motorhome.

Common loads found in motorhomes

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