RV Types

There are several types of Recreational Vehicles on the market. This category will cover the issues and features for solar systems on each type.

Travel Trailer

Travel trailers or tow behind rvs are often the first type of RV that someone buys to start RVing. These units range from 13 feet to 40 feet in length.

Teardrop Campers

Teardrop campers are some of the first RVs. They are lightweight and often have very low loads. Find ways to run your devices when off-grid.

Schoolie or Bus

Schoolies are often being made from old school buses, hence the name. These are really customized RVs with large roofs for solar panels.

Truck Camper

Truck campers are RVs that are installed into the bed of the truck. They can be taken off to allow freedom to travel in vehicle without camper.

Fifth Wheel Camper

Fifth wheel campers are RVs that are pulled by trucks and pinned to a hitch in the bed of the truck. These are common RVs for full timers.

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