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Coffee in the morning camping on the beach.

The most enjoyable way to start off the day while camping is with a nice cup of coffee. Taking that first sip- ahh. It gives you the feeling that you can conquer anything that comes your way. The question is, how do you make it while on the road. Do you use a regular coffee pot, a pour-over or a French press? 

Using a water kettle for the french press and the pour-over is as simple as plugging it in flipping the switch. This is where your battery bank and solar system are important. The heating element can use quite a bit of power so you must have enough to support the usage. Really, the same goes for a coffee pot. You just need to determine how many watts the device pulls and how long it needs to run. 

There is one last option for a nice steamy cup of joe when electricity is just not going to happen. Pull out the gas stove and boil a pot of water. This should always be your back up.  

French Press with an electric kettle

French Press with propane kettle

Pour-Over Coffee with an electric kettle

Pour-Over Coffee with a propane water kettle

Single-cup coffee makers off-grid

Automatic Coffee Pots

Instant Coffee

Coffee choices and other information

Choose the right coffee when camping. That perfect cup of coffee will wake you up to an amazing view of life and mother nature. That is if you picked the perfect camping spot. Whole bean coffee is better but you better make sure to look up the information on running a coffee grinder off-grid.

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